War of antichrist Dillon

1 Preface
Introduction 2
The Rise of Atheism in Europe 3
Voltaire 4
Freemasonry 5
The Union and 6
The Illuminism of Adam Weishaupt 7
The Convent of Wilhelmsbad 8
Cabalistic Masonry or Masonic Spiritism 9
The French Revolution 10
Napoleon and Freemasonry 11
Freemasonry after the Fall of Napoleon 12
Kindred Secret Societies in Europe 13
The Carbonari 14
Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita 15
Letter of Piccolo Tigre 16
The Intellectual and War Party in Masonry 17
Lord Palmerston 18
War of the Intellectual Party 19
The War Party under Palmerston 20
The International, the Nihilists, the Black Hand, &c 21
Freemasonry with Ourselves 22
Fenianism 23
Sad Ending of the Conspirators 24
The Triumph of Irish Faith 25
Catholic Organization 26
Catholic Total Abstinence Societies 27